Butt Sets

Buttsets are a type of tool that is used by phone technicians to install and test telephone lines. Modern buttsets have features that can test DSL, generate tone, and do much more. Some models have capabilities such as caller ID and Call Waiting Caller ID, a tone generator for wire identification, and an easy to read large liquid crystal display. Amplified speakers on some buttsets leave the technician’s hands free for monitoring and other tasks. A helpful option that is preferred by some workers is the talk battery that powers voice conversations on non-powered lines. There are many brands of buttsets that technicians use, but the Telco brand is preferred by most professionals. Telco makes different models for beginners and professionals alike. Professionals who use buttsets regularly in their jobs and need to purchase a set will find them on ButtSets.com.

Butt SetsThe Telco handset is often used by repair technicians and installers to communicate temporarily while they are working in addition to testing lines. The line powered with Touch Tone or dial pulse output, and it is capable of performing all line tests. Telco sells a model that includes the buttset that has a signaling and a polarity check line monitor feature. It is a very sturdy model that is the same quality as those that sell for much more. It also has many of the features of much more expensive buttsets. The device can easily be stored on the belt with its spring belt clip that is sold with it. This Telco product includes a speaker phone so that the technician can work with hands free, and it has other features that make work easier and faster such as the ability to store phone numbers in the memory.

Anyone who is installing a phone line and wants to check it the way the professionals do will want to consider the Telco Line Set. This buttset is able to redial the last number that was called, which is another helpful feature that avoids the need to dial a number manually when working on a line. It also allows monitoring of the line without disrupting a current conversation or active signals. A mute switch allows privacy while speaking as well. If the speakers are left on, the phone automatically turns them off after a few minutes if they are not used to save the battery. Those who are considering this model will appreciate the fact that it has an electronic ringer that is loud enough to hear, and there are three levels of volume control. The device can be hung securely with its sturdy metal hanger. Buttsets can range in price from under $100 to over $1,000. Many technicians find that they use a limited number of accessories and that the lower priced kits provide the tools that they need.

The Telco Technicians Kit is a top of the line product that has 116 accessories that are used for a variety of purposes while working on telephone lines. All of the pieces can be kept in the storage bag that is sold with the buttset. Most network cable installers and other telecommunication professionals purchase a lower priced kit that beginners often choose. It is the Telco Installers Kit, and it has 10 of the most important tools that technicians frequently use during installations. It can rest easily on the shoulder and has LED polarity indicators. The tools are stored with a tool belt that is sold with the kit, or the belt may simply be carried in the storage bag. This kit also has bonus tools included, such as Phillips head screwdrivers, a modular crimping tool, flat head screwdrivers, cable tester, and others.